Comprehensive support for export transactions
Экспортные услуги

“Cotton-Lux” LLC acts as a contract holder who buys out the goods of interest offering favorable terms for the seller and the buyer. We are the mediator between the Russian supplier and the foreign buyer.

For “Cotton-Lux” LLC it does not matter where the cargo is located, we can purchase goods from several suppliers in Russia simultaneously, consolidate the cargo and deliver it to you to be further exported from Russia with a full set of necessary export documents.

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In order to carry out an export deal “Cotton-Lux” LLC will:

  • Prepare an international contract in accordance with current legislation,
  • Carry out customs clearance of goods,
  • Organize and implement the logistics process.
  • Prepare documents for VAT refund.
  • Report to the controlling bodies.

We are currently working with us:

  • Russian producers, who want to export goods to other countries, but have no relevant experience.
  • Russian suppliers who have no experience in dealing with tax and customs as well as currency control in terms of export transactions.
  • Russian business owners who do not want to freeze funds in transactions, letters of credit and VAT, and want to make a profit as fast as possible.
  • Foreign buyers who want to reduce the cost of imported goods from Russia.
Экспортные услуги


The seller of the goods will receive the entire payment at once, including VAT, and will be able to send this money to develop their production and business as a whole and not to waste time on preparing documents and waiting for a decision from the tax authorities.

The buyer of goods can save up to 10% of the price of goods from Russian suppliers!
The reduction of the cost of goods for a foreign buyer is possible due to the fact that “Cotton-Lux” LLC takes all the risks of preparing and submitting documents to the tax authorities to obtain a VAT refund, as well as freezing its own funds for up to 6 months.

With "Cotton-Lux" LLC you can get back the full amount of VAT and guarantee the customer a discount of up to 10% of the value of goods!